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Museum of a history of material culture of a name Amir Temur Туры в Узбекистан. Цены Shahrisabz - Шахрисабз
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Nabi Olimovich Khushvaktov.
The scientific employees

Nabi Olimovich Khushvaktov
The director of the museum. He’s a founder of it. He was born in 1964 in the kishlak Yangi of Shakhrisabz area. He has got a family and a farther of 3 children. In 1991 he graduated from the historical faculty of the National University of Uzbekistan. In 1995 he graduated from archaeological department of post-graduate course of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. He is in the stage of presentation of a thesis with the subject “The culture of the early paleolith’s peroid of Tashkent oasis. In 1996 he began to found the museum of the material culture’s hystory named by Amir Timur. He is a co-author of the development of scientific concepts of Shakhrisabz museum and museum of regional in Kashkadarya area. Nabi Olimovich Khushvaktov i an author of conceptions such as “Shakhrisabz is a coeval of Avesta”, “Amir Timur is a main archtacture of the Middle Ages Shakhrisabz”, “The reserve of Shakhrisabz museum of artistic architacture”, “Informational technologies in the museums”, “Appearance of ancient people in the Central Asia and arrangement of their exposition in the museums”. More then 15 scientofic articles are published in Uzbekistan and in foreign countries, 1 article was published in St. Petersburg (with a co-author), 1 popular scientific book (with a co-author). He was a participant of a row of international symposiums, conferences, of 2 grants jointly with the French University Bordo-3.

Bottir Jabborovich Avlokulov. Bottir Jabborovich Avlokulov
The chief of the scientific and enlightening part of the museum. He was born in 1969 in Shakhrisabz area, has secondary education. Since 1997 he has worked in the museum sphere from an usual worker. Since 1997 he has taken part actively in all exposotions aranged by the museum. He is a participant of scientific expedition from 1992 till 2002 named « Shakhrisabz -2700». He was awarded by the ministry of sport and culture and by other upper organisations as an active co-worker of the museum.

Ozoda Akhmedovna Islomova. Ozoda Akhmedovna Islomova
She is a chief of the ethnographic part. She was born in 1964 in Shakhrisabz area, has secondary education. She took part actively in tne foundation of the fund of the ethnographic part. She researches the field of traditions in Shakhrisabz area. Some her popular scientific articles were published in the local SMI. She was awarded by the ministry of sport and culture and by other upper organisations as an active co-worker of the museum.

Gulzoda Jumanzarovna Umirova. Gulzoda Jumanzarovna Umirova
She is a chief of the part of Amir Temur and the Temurids epoch. She was born in 1983 in Shakhrisabz town, has high education. She is a member of Shakhrisabz archaeological expedition of the Temurids’ epoch. She researches the theme “archaeology, architacture, military art and craftsmanship of the Temurids’ epoch”

Lobar Okbutaevna Khushvaktova.

Lobar Okbutaevna Khushvaktova
The museum guide. She was born in 1983 in Shakhrisabz area, has secondary education.

Gayrat Nurillaevich Pulatov. Gayrat Nurillaevich Pulatov
Pulatov Gayrat Nurillaevich was born in 1948, has high education. He began to work in 1964 as a master of radoi and TV. The film studio “Yoshlik” was created by his initiative in 1961, which was awarded a status of “Shakhrisabz national studio” in 1971. He shot more then 110 scientific enlighten documentaries. His films were awarded for 3 times by the highest prize in the Republican youth moveyfestival “Sehrli yogdu” (“Magic shine”), took a bronze medal in the Austrian festival «UNIKA-98». In spite of the fact than Pulatov Gayrat Nurillaevich is a retiree now he actively helps his son, co-worker of the museim, as a consultant when shotting films of the cultural hystiric subject.

Azim Raimovich Karimov. Azim Raimovich Karimov
He was born in 1962 in Shakhrisabz area, has high education. He was an engeneer in the building organisations. He has a position of the deputy director of building and economic part. He is a large specialist in the matters of security and accomplishment of cultural hystoric architactural buildings.

The employees of a museum.

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Concept of the museum
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