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Museum of a history of material culture of a name Amir Temur Туры в Узбекистан Shahrisabz - Шахрисабз
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Historical-architectural values

19 cultural and architectural monuments, located in the old pert of Shahrisabz and of Amir Temur and the Temurids’ epoch are entered in the book of UNESCO “Common to all mankind valuable” the integrity is also in original condition. Job for there integrite is held in these monuments. Thea are very compactly located in one of the largest streets (Buyuk Ipak Yuli street). Trafic is one-side that allowes to go to tne monuments on foot.

Ak-saray complex

Ak-saray complex

Ak-saray complex

Ak-saray complex
The palace Ak-saray is large architectural monument of the Cental Asia of the Middle Ages. 2 columns of palace portal, palace square, flush khauzes and about 10 planes of the garden made by project, are preserve for today. The whole image of Ak-saray is preserved in wrotten sources of historians and poets of this time. For instance the palace omage can be met in the memories of Nizomoddin Shomi, Sharofiddin Ali Yazdi, Khofiza Obru, Ibn Arabshokha, Mukhammad Bade’ Malikho, Mitza Bobur, Alisher Navoiy and the ambassador of Kastiliya (Spain) Rui Gozales Klavikho. Different styles of Central Asian architectural school are used on Ak-saray monument such as mosaics and patterns of coloured front bricks and majolica. There are 7 coloures: blue, azure, black, yellow, green, white, rick-red and goldish on the carved mosaic.

Ak-saray complex Ak-saray complex Ak-saray complex
Dorus-tilovat complex.
Dorus-tilovat complex
This complex consisits of cathedral mosque Kukgumbaz, tomb of Shamsiddin Kulol and Gumbazi Sayyidon, cells for students. All building were createf by the project in different time (mainly XIV-XVI centuries), there is a garden in the centre of the large yard from North to South.

Dorus-tilovat complex Dorus-tilovat complex.

Dorus-tilovat complex.

Dorus-saodat complex

Dorus-saodat complex

Dorus-saodat complex
Dorulsiyodat complex is located in the Estern part of Dorus-tilovat. Comlex which consists of Khazrat Imam’s mosque, the tomb of the early died eldest son of Amir Temur, the heir throne Jakhonguir Mirzo, the tomb of the next Amir Temur’s son Umarshaykh Mirzo in the Southe part, and the mausoleum built for Amir Temur in the Eastern part. A lot of tombs of Barloses emirs were found during architectural digs. Historians who saw the building wrote surprisingly that it looked splendid in its time. The foundation of building, Jakhonguir’s tomb, Khazrat Imam’s mosque and trees in the yard preserved for today show a luxurious complex.

Dorus-saodat complex Dorus-saodat complex.

Dorus-saodat complex.


Chor-su is a building with a single central place, located in the crossroads from North to South and from East to West with common area of 21х21 metres. Chor-su of Shahrisabz built in XV century is quite different in the engeneering point of view from Chor-su of Samarkand and Bukhara of that time.

Chubin complex. Chubin complex
Complex is located in the north-East End of the town and consists of mosque, entering part of the gate, yard, cells, 2-floors building created in XI century. The complex was built in XIV-XVI centures in accordance with archaeological and wrotten sources and its name have 2 explanations. The first one is a sponsor’s name who built this complex, as there is a big tomb in one of the cell, the stone which was used for the tomb was also found on the coffin’s cover. The second one the name is originated from the Farcy-Tajic language meant “made of wood “ (Chub-tree, in-dom). This version is unconvincing as wood was rarely used when creating the building. There is a museum of town’s history in this complex.

Caravan-serai Koba.

Caravan-serai Koba
Koba has a bid means as a public building. Caravan-serai build as a rectangle with a yard in the centre. Koba is a single monument of typical Caravan-serais. Yard is square with cut tangles, building is one-story, cells are closed in the shape of angle cupola. There is no patterns in the front wall. The walls are very thin. According to ethnographic information its name concerned with Arab from Irak’s town Kufa.

- Самарканд Плаза
- Константин
- Гранд Самарканд
- Ориент Стар
- Шахзода Люкс
- Малика Классик
- Шер-Дор
- Афросиаб
- Регал Паласе

- Зилол Бахт
- Латиф
- Караван Сарай Чорраха
- Зарина
- Сарбон
- Фуркат
Отели B&B
- Севара 1 & 2 B&B
- Дилшода
- Шахнаме B&B
- Камила
- Наджиба
- Джахонгир B&B
- Эмир

Mountains of Central Asia

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