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Museum of a history of material culture of a name Amir Temur Туры в Узбекистан Shahrisabz - Шахрисабз
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Shahrisabz. Numismatics

Shahrisabz. Numismatics

Shahrisabz. Numismatics

Shahrisabz. Numismatics

Shahrisabz. Numismatics


Toponymy Shakhrisabz («Green town”) is found in the coins minted on behalf of Chigatay khan Buyonkulikhan in 1351, but in the coins minted by the same khan tne name of Kesh has already be found. The Kesh toponymy Kesh was first found in the letters of Shopur 1 (242-273 yy.) located in the place named as Caaba of Zaratushtra. The name Kesh was used first in the Moslem written sources in the late VII and early VIII centuries. There are 3 types of the town name: Kash, Kish and Kesh in this sources. In the judgment of academician E.V. Rtvelaze the original town name was Kishan or Keshan. V.V. Bartold used the name “Kesh”. In 328 B.C. Alexander the Great began the campaign against Sisimitr, the ruler of Nautak district. It is not enough information about period longed till foundation of Salavak 1 afetr Alexander since 323 till 312 B.C. It is known that the satrap of Baktriya and Sogdiana was Macedonian Filipp till 321 B.C., and Cypriote Stasanor has taken up his post since 321 B.C.. The coin of this period was found in the Jartepa monuments in Kitab. This coin shows that in the late IV century B.C. There was a coins’ circulation imitated Alexander’s the Great coins. There are coins of the region of ancient town Kesh-Shakhrisabz belonged to Diodot (250-230 yy. B.C.), Evtidem (230-200 yy. B.C.), Antimakh (190-180 yy. B.C.) and Evkratid(171-155 yy. B.C.). It was ascertained from tne Chinease sources that the capital of Sukhe or Suse was Kalandartepa (M.Е.Маsson) instead of Kitab, what is confirmed by Numismatic information. Small silver coins with Heracle in the right side and with Zevs and Sogdiana text in the reverse side are recognized as coins from Kesh. The same coins were found in the area of Turtkel and Kamashin. The coins’ legend is offered to read as “Ruler of Abtat”. Abtat is a founder of the dynasty ruled in Southern Sagd. In III-V B.C. there were manufactured coppers with the ruler’s face in the right side with unuasual hair arranging and with 2-words sogdian phrase nearby the face in Kesh. A man annihilated a lion by the sabre which elongate on 2 hind pads is amaged in the reverse side. Specialists offered to read The coins’ legend as “Ruler of Kesh”. Also coins on behalf of Akhubido were manufactured in Kesh in 737. In particular there is a legend “Kesh’s ruler Akhurpat” in the coin obtained on the monument Zindontepa, located in Shakhrosabz territory. Coins (fils) of Kesh’s ruler Ikhrid, executed in 751 of Abu Muslim epoch, are belonged to the middle of the 2d quarter of VIIIth Century. There is a legend “farmer Ikhrid from Kesh» in the right side and “this fils were manufactured in Kesh” in the reverse of these coins. Silver dirhams and copper fils began issue of national importance in Х th century. A lot of coins were found manufactured on behalf of Kesh’s ruler Ismail ibn Akhmad, Mansur ibn Nukha the (seciond) and other rulers of Kesh in Kesh area. A lot of coin also are picked belonged to Amir Temur and the Temirids’ epoch in the mueum collection, the material waits fot its researches.

Shahrisabz. Numismatics Shahrisabz. Numismatics Shahrisabz. Numismatics


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- Шер-Дор
- Афросиаб
- Регал Паласе

- Зилол Бахт
- Латиф
- Караван Сарай Чорраха
- Зарина
- Сарбон
- Фуркат
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