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Museum of a history of material culture of a name Amir Temur Туры в Узбекистан Shahrisabz - Шахрисабз
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Museum expositions

Museum expositions

Museum expositions

Museum expositions

Museum exposition is located in the closed 2-story building created in XIX century of the Chubin mosque complex and in the terrase of mosque. The exposition on the 1st floor is named as “Shahrisabz is a coeval of Avesta”. The exposition shows a period of the 1st town and 1st Homo sapiens of the Central Asia and development periof till XIV century. There are such displays as world-known assuaries with prophet Zaratushtra image, idols’ statuette, earthenware crockery set of ancient period in the exposition. There is e moving of he town to a new place ( of IX-XI centuries), Amir Temur and the Temurids’ dynasty, art of architectural monuments’ decoration in the Temurids’ epoch, recoveries of mosai and majolic, art of Islam and the Koran books, painted earthenware crockery of Temurids’ period and Shahrisabz ethnography, overall model of the town of Temurids’ epoch on the 1st floor.

There are recoveries of tomb stones of Temurids’ epoch made as work of high art, work recoveries of stonemasons and wood engraving (wood engraving door of XIV century made for Shamsiddin Kulol’s tomb) and large earthenware pitcher in the terrace exposition.
Museum expositions Museum expositions Museum expositions


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- Шахзода Люкс
- Малика Классик
- Шер-Дор
- Афросиаб
- Регал Паласе

- Зилол Бахт
- Латиф
- Караван Сарай Чорраха
- Зарина
- Сарбон
- Фуркат
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