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Museum of a history of material culture of a name Amir Temur Туры в Узбекистан Shahrisabz - Шахрисабз
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Shahrisabz. History of the museum foundation

Shahrisabz. History of the museum foundation

History of the museum foundation

In the ancient time Shakhrisabz was called as Nautaka by historians and geographers, in the Middle Ages it was called as Kesh. Such names as “Dilkash”, “Kubbatul ilm va adab” are frequent in the written source. During the independence years (1996) the museum of the material culture’s hystory was created because of local educated representetives’ initiative in honour of the 660th anniversary of the great commander Amir Timur, in which fund there are more then 21000 attic works of art. The main aim of the museum is a study of the hystory of cultural developement of Shakhrisabz from ancient to present days.

Ancient and holy country of Shahrisabz is a sacred place. Ancestries of such great figures as Khisrav Dekhlavi, Mirza Bedil, Mirza Golib lived on this land. But no doubt this land was famous most of all by the great commander Amir Timur.

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